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Our Lens.Your Story.

Take your audience from prospects to customers with effective and engaging videos that capture your audience's attention. 

Meet with a producer from Miami's top video production company.

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Some of Our PROJECTS

Construction / Karam Brothers
Lincoln Dinner Event
Personal Trainer - Commercial
Real Estate - Home Walkthrough
Animated Advertisement
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For entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. At FEP Entertainment, we provide storytelling through our lens to elevate and impact your marketing efforts, simplify communications, tell your brand's purpose, and boost your customer experience. FEP Entertainment is in the business to help your business grow. We understand how human experience unites people and make more substantial and deeper connections. Our lens, editing, and storytelling techniques will allow brands to explain their products or service, boost image, and stand out from the competition.

Video Production


Videos can be used across different platforms.


High-quality videos that boosts brand image and quality scores for search engines.


Message and script crafted for your target audience.


Stay within budget and schedule.


Access to CRM app for collaborations, feedback, download, and upload images.


Pre-Production/ Brainstorming Session and Research.

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If you are here, you already know that video has been one of the breakout trends in the marketing world for the past decade. 94% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase user understanding of their product or service. In the best instances, they are massive sales drivers for companies that use video marketing effectively.


To partner with us on your next video project,


Contact us

Whether by filling out the form, scheduling a virtual call, email, or phone call, one of our producers will reach out to learn more about your project. 


Once we understand the scope of your project, you will receive in 24 hours or less a proposal for your video production.

Contract and Invoice 

The contract will outline the full scope of work to be performed, including deliverables, timeline, and dates for each milestone, if applicable—also, payment amounts and terms.

Pre- Production 

The pre-production stage is the most critical part of any video project. In this phase, we will flesh out the story idea and further develop your video's goals and purpose.

Cameras, Lights, Action! - Shooting Day-

Our favorite day! The strategy and pre-production phases come together, and the actual shooting begins. 

Post- Production 

Once the director shouts, "That's a wrap," it's post-production time! 

Post-production is where the video gets edited into what you see as the final product. Video footage and sound are edited and mixed.


At FEP Entertainment, we stay true to every phase of the video production process; it helps us to define all aspects of the projects, avoid issues, and reduce the need for editing and revisions. 

Image by Natalie Parham

We are in this together

From brainstorming, concept, and post-production to your target audience, we are with you every step of the way to achieve your goals. Whether you come to us with an idea, a fully developed script, or just a vision (no judgment zone here, best ideas come in the shower), we adopt a collaborative creative approach to bring your video vision to life and showcase your brand identity and objectives.

A partner, not an outsider

We believe that the relationship with our partners is the most important and critical aspect of what we do; therefore, during production, we make ourselves available to our customers anytime and anywhere, 24/7. So, while we are not Allstate, you can trust that you are in good hands. 

Team of Professionals